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The BEST Way To Make Coffee On The Go

The BEST Way To Make Coffee On The Go

Take Back Great Coffee

Do you love coffee? Do you love to travel? What if I told you that you can have coffee on the go without sacrificing quality and your hard earned dollars?

Whether you travel for fun, have to go into the office, or are tired of getting Folgers every time you visit your grandma (we love you grandma) we have the perfect solution to keep you moving no matter where life's adventure takes you.

To start fueling your adventure you will need three tools: Coffee Grinder, Kettle, Aeropress

Coffee Grinder

A portable coffee grinder is essential for excellent coffee on the go. The one we like best is the Porlex. It is a light weight hand grinder with ceramic conical burrs. This grinder will give you an even grind for your beans and you wont even realize you're carrying it at such a light weight (8 ounces) making it a great option for those traveling.

If you have a little more room, and want to save some money then we suggest the JavaPresse. At a slightly larger size this stainless steel manual grinder has a dual platted ceramic burr. It offers an even grind and saves the bank with a price tag just below $30!

Okay, hear us out. We know this isn't exactly a "portable" grinder, but if you are going to the office every day and making coffee you might as well get something that is both easy and delivers a precise even grind every time. It is not exactly silent, but if you bring this grinder to work you are going to be the life of the party anyways so just tell Linda to mind her business (sorry Linda).

For more grinding options, and better at home choices check out our article on The 5 Best Coffee Grinders of 2021. Grinding your own beans will always result in the freshest coffee, but if you want to save some money by skipping the grinder we have you covered! Buy freshly roasted ground coffee to make the process even easier.


What is coffee without hot water? The answer is something you would serve your worst enemy. Unless you are your own worst enemy or Bill wants a cup of coffee and is bothering you about those reports again you are going to want hot water.

This is where the Kettle will come into play and is an essential part to making great coffee no matter where you are in the world. Coffee grounds are best extracted between 195°F and 205°F, and if you don't have a kettle or thermometer that gives you an exact temperature just use water right off boil.

We have three different recommendations depending on what type of traveler you are.


For those who like to travel the great outdoors we recommend a traditional camping kettle. Our top choice is the Redcamp aluminum kettle due to its light weight and portability. The handle folds down for easy storage, and will not break your back at only 5.3oz. This kettle has a shockingly great price, and will keep you making great coffee no matter where you go.

Desk Jockey

With so many people working from home or working in an office your options of kettles is almost endless. All you need is access to an outlet and you will be able to take your coffee brewing to the next level. This Electric Stagg Goosneck kettle heats up fast and gives you the ability to know exactly what temperature you are brewing at. This Stagg kettle will hold its temperature for up to an hour, so you will never have to worry about re-boiling your water.

World Traveler

For someone who is constantly traveling and has access to an electrical outlet we recommend this COLLAPSIBLE (sorry got excited there) kettle. There is absolutely nothing fancy about this kettle, but its affordability and portability is why it is on our list. This kettle comes in three different colors, and offers a detachable cord to ensure it never gets in the way of brewing your coffee. There is no temperature gauge so you will either need a thermometer or remember to brew just off boil.

AeroPress Go

Finally, to complete your coffee transformation you will need the AeroPress Go. Optimized for traveling, camping, boating or just at work. You will never be without your new favorite way to brew coffee. The AeroPress Go is not only portable but versatile.

Engineered to be the perfect traveler, it is compact, light weight and durable – everything packs up neatly in the included mug so you will not even need to bring a coffee mug.

Final Drip

We all live very busy lives, but this doesn't mean you have to settle for bad coffee. No matter where life's adventure takes you, you can always have a great cup of coffee. Check out more of our "Tips and Drips" to continue to transform your coffee experience and ensure that your cup of coffee is the highlight of your day.

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