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About Us

Rockwood Coffee Co. was founded by Jon, Brandon, and Jacob in early 2020. We are three friends who all share a passion for business, faith, family, sports, and great coffee.

In early 2020, we were discussing various business ideas over a cup of coffee, and realized how many people drink the same, average cup of coffee every day. We believe that typical, mass-produced coffee does not highlight the amazing quality and improved taste found in specialty coffee. Out of this discussion, Rockwood Coffee Co. was born. We are excited to share our passion for better tasting coffee by providing a fresh roasted, specialty-grade coffee with the education and tools needed to improve your home coffee experience.

It's the way coffee should be.

Meet the Rockwood Crew

Jon Severin - Co-Founder

Favorite Brew Method: AeroPress

Favorite Coffee: Honduras Copan and Diamondback Espresso

I never had a great cup of coffee before founding Rockwood Coffee Co. with 2 of my best friends. I didn't realize coffee could have such a complex, delicious flavor! This was a stark difference from the bitter and stale Folgers and Starbucks I previously drank.

Recently, I have been really enjoying our Honduras Copan single origin coffee. This coffee is pretty special to me since my mom immigrated from Honduras when she was around my age. My grandpa runs an active (sadly unable to produce much) coffee plantation in Honduras that is still in my family.

My goal in co-founding Rockwood Coffee Co. is to teach, experiment, and learn about coffee with you all! No matter what your level of coffee knowledge or experience, there is room for you to grow with us!

Brandon Katka - Co-Founder

Favorite Brew Method: Kalita Wave or Hario V60

Favorite Coffee: Aspen Sunrise

The first coffee I tried that I truly enjoyed without a generous amount of cream and sugar was a single origin from Sump Coffee back in early 2016. This experience kickstarted my love and passion for specialty, third wave coffee. Since then, I have grown to love brewing coffee at home and learning new techniques and methods to make a cup that is on par with my local coffee shops.

My goal when co-founding Rockwood Coffee Co. was to share my passion for specialty coffee while creating a community in which great, freshly roasted coffee is easily accessible for all. I also value coffee education and I am excited to share what I am learning with our Rockwood Coffee community. I want to equip everyone with the ability to make a consistently delicious cup of coffee from home!

Our email and social media pages are always open if you have coffee questions!

Jacob Bair - Co-Founder

Favorite Brew Method: AeroPress

Favorite Coffee: Grizzly Falls

The AeroPress is my favorite way to brew coffee because it is not only easy to use, but it brings out the flavor of the coffee. If you are someone who has never been able to drink your coffee"black", you have to try this!

My number one goal for Rockwood Coffee is to bring specialty coffee and different brewing methods to everyone.

There are so many different ways to experience coffee, and I want to share those methods with people who may have never stepped away from a Keurig or cheap drip coffee makers that don't truly give you the authentic taste of coffee. I think there are so many people who haven't has the opportunity to taste the difference between cheap coffee beans that are roasted in massive quantities and a small batch roast.

I want Rockwood Coffee Co. to be a community where seasoned specialty coffee makers and people who have never even heard of specialty coffee can meet and give their everyday coffee routine a new meaning.

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