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Top Ten Gifts For Coffee Lovers 2021

Top Ten Gifts For Coffee Lovers 2021

The season of giving is upon us, and if you are anything like us you have been overwhelmed with all the ads, posts, and marketing trying to get you to buy 1,000 different gifts.

That is why we have created this top ten, straight forward list for you or any coffee lover in your life. This list includes everything from grinders, kettles, brewing devices and a few specialty coffee items you might not even know exist. No matter where you are in your coffee journey, there is something that will benefit you or the person you are buying for.  

1) Fellow Stagg EKG

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle has become a staple for coffee lovers around the world. The sleek design and features are guaranteed to excite anyone you buy this for. The Stagg EKG holds the temperature of your water for up to an hour making it the perfect kettle to defeat procrastination. This is the perfect Christmas gift for any coffee lover that brews at home. If you want to see more Kettle options check out The 5 Best Coffee Kettles In 2021.

2.) Rumble Jar

If you haven't heard of the rumble jar yet we recommend you check it out immediately. Cold brew has taken the world by storm and for anyone who enjoys a refreshing cup of Cold Brew the Rumble Jar is both affordable and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

3) Triple Dripper Stocking Stuffer

Speaking of stocking stuffers, the Triple Dripper has become our bestselling product this Holiday season. Why is that? These sample sized bags take guessing out of the equation and provide you with the ability to give the coffee lover in your life something that will satisfy their tastebuds no matter what roast/blend they love.

4.) Fellow Atmos Container

The Fellow Atmos Container is one of those gifts that will shock the person you give it to. It is either something they have been dying to have or something they never knew they needed. Why is it important to keep coffee in a vacuum canister? Without going too much into the science behind it, when coffee is exposed to oxygen it begins to lose flavor. This canister ensures your coffee stays fresh for an extra 2-3 weeks!

5.) Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee

One of the best gifts you can give a coffee lover is freshly roasted coffee. Coffee that is roasted in small batches offers a more precise roast packed full of flavor. Our fastest selling Single-Origin coffee to date is our Honduras.

A medium-dark roast single-origin coffee grown in the Copan region of Honduras. It is smooth and balanced, and the tasting notes remind us of berries and milk chocolate. If you want even more information such as the elevation this is grown at click on this product click the link above

6.) Baratza Encore

If you are new to the vast world of coffee one thing you need to know is Baratza excellent products. If you are getting a gift for someone who loves coffee a grinder is the perfect choice.

The Baratza Encore is easy to use, has 40 grind settings and produces a very consistent grind. It is durable, user-friendly, and has a sleek look. If you are interested in finding out more about coffee grinders check out The 5 Best Coffee Grinders In 2021.

7.) Breville Precision Brewer

This 60 oz drip coffee maker will be the new best friend for the coffee lover in your life. So if you are looking at giving this to your best friend you might want to think twice, unless you want to be replaced.

The amount of options the precision brewer provides allows you to brew the exact cup of coffee you want every time. Preset modes allow you to pick everything from strong, iced, cold brew and more.

If you do not want to use a preset you can customize everything from the brewing temperature, flow rate, and bloom time.

8.) AeroPress

After providing a high tech option we thought it was important to provide something with less buttons. The AeroPress is one of our favorite ways to brew coffee because it is so easy!

You will get a great cup of coffee every time, and the ability to replicate this taste with each brew has never been easier. If that isn't enough to get you excited the one minute brew time will!

Another great stocking stuffer or gift for anyone in your life that drinks coffee!

9.) Timemore Digital Coffee Scale

The Timemore Digital Coffee Scale is an outstanding gift for coffee enthusiasts who need to time their brew. Not only are you able to keep track of the exact amount of water you have added, but you can also track the time in which you are adding the water. This means you will not need to pull out your phone and set your timer while simultaneously looking at the weight of your brew.

If you are new to the specialty coffee world just know that there is a science between how much water you add to extract your grounds and the rate at which you do this. To get a better idea of what we are talking about you can check out our Brew Guide on the Kalita Wave.

10.) Ember Coffee Mug

The Ember coffee mug is the perfect gift for tech junkies and coffee enthusiasts. This mug actually allows you to set the exact drinking temperature for your coffee and it will hold this temperature for up to 1.5 hours. This Christmas gift will be great for anyone working from home or in the office.

Although we have provided a link to this product on Amazon, we recommend you check out the actual Ember site where you can get this product for $129.95.

Final Drip

*We only recommend products that we use and if you buy a product through one of our links we may earn a comission.

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